OUR Founders

Vianka is a true animal advocate in every definition of the term. She is dedicated to educating the community about responsible pet ownership and the unfortunate statistics involving black dogs in shelters especially large breeds such as Labradors and Pit Bull Terriers. 

Bane - The Pit Bull Terrier that inspired it all. Rescued from a questionable situation by Vianka and now leading the pack to helping more dogs just like himself. 

"Yeah I rescued here and there random animals but when I got Bane, it opened my eyes to the incredible amount of dogs that are homeless, that are mistreated and abused. As well as the black dog statistics and how they are unbelievably misunderstood and/or mislabeled. The bully breeds are also being euthanized at high rates in shelters nationwide due to severe cultural misconceptions. Bane has taught me to love unconditionally, not to judge, always stand up for what you believe in, never stay quiet and always lend a helping hand. I feel a personal responsibility to educate the community about breeds, the importance of spay/neuter, socialization and overall pet ownership. I was given the opportunity to foster a feral dog and witnessed first hand how amazing my dog Bane really was. He was patient with Maeby, he was forgiving, he was gentle and he didn't judge her past. I want to make a difference in the community. I want to educate. I want to play a role in tackling the over population of dogs in my county. I wanted to be their voice. Partnered with Jennifer we have been able to successfully place over 100 dogs and counting while becoming positive pet ownership awareness with each life saved and we're just getting started. #pawsup4TBDR